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Advanced Dental Implant Services – Medford, NY

Ensuring You Get the Implant Dentistry You Deserve

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At The Smilist Dental Medford, we combine the talents and expertise of four dentists to provide our patients with comprehensive implant dentistry. Utilizing their advanced training, our dentists work together to guide our patients through the process of replacing one tooth, multiple teeth, or even all of their teeth with dental implants. Even if you’ve been told in the past that you are not a good candidate for dental implants, we can make dental implants in Medford a reality for almost every patient.

Dental Bone Grafting

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Periodontal (gum) disease is a condition that is often responsible for tooth loss. If you’ve suffered from periodontitis (advanced gum disease), you may have also suffered from bone loss. If you don’t have enough healthy bone structure to support an implant, you were probably told in the past that you weren’t a good candidate; however, you may benefit from having a dental bone graft procedure.

During a bone grafting procedure, your dentist in Medford will add grafting material, which is typically bone minerals that have been processed to ensure their safety. These minerals encourage your body to deposit new bone cells around them, which over time, builds your jawbone back to its full strength, which will then allow it to successfully support one or more dental implants. After your bone graft, it typically takes around three to six months for your bone to heal and integrate before your implants can be placed. Healing time varies depending on how much bone structure needs to be replaced.

Sinus Lifts

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In some cases, it is the sinus that is impeding the placement of dental implants because it is too close to your jaw. In this situation, a sinus lift, or augmentation may be required for successful placement of dental implants.

During a sinus lift procedure, you dentist may also be adding bone graft material to build up your bone, as well as gently lifting the sinus out of the way. This procedure will allow your dentist to place dental implants successfully in the future after several months of healing.

Contact The Smilist Dental Medford

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Even if you’ve been told before that you aren’t a candidate for dental implants, if you’ve been living with missing teeth, or have teeth that are compromised or failing, contact your team at The Smilist Dental Medford to schedule a consultation. Our dentists will create a plan that will restore function and beauty to your smile again.