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Why Did My Dental Bridge Fall Out?

August 5, 2021

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a dental bridge on the lower arch

Are you concerned that your dental bridge fell out? Although these restorations are not meant to last forever, the last thing you want is for them to detach and leave your smile much more vulnerable. While there are many reasons this particular problem can occur, it’s important that you know what to do should it happen to you. Read on to discover why restorations like dental bridges can fall out and how your dentist can help remedy the problem.

What Causes a Dental Bridge to Fall Out?

It’s not a possibility anyone wants to think about, but if you have a dental bridge, there is a chance it could fall out should any of the following problems occur:

  • Decay Forms: Proper oral hygiene is essential whether you have natural or artificial teeth. Because healthy abutment teeth are necessary when pursuing a dental bridge, they must remain strong enough to support your restoration. If bad bacteria and harmful particles are not removed with brushing and flossing, it can cause cavities to form. Over time, your tooth structures will break down and no longer be able to hold your bridge in place.
  • Unhealthy Abutment Teeth: Your abutment teeth may become damaged or are too short to hold your dental bridge securely. It may also be possible that these teeth are not equipped to serve as anchors and eventually grow weak, causing the restoration to fall out.
  • Poor Bite: When having your dental bridge put into place, make sure you’re seeing a dentist who is skilled and trained in performing this type of service. Should your bridge sit higher or lower in a particular area, an uneven bite can cause it to loosen over time and eventually detach.

Ways to Care For Your Problem at Home Until Your Appointment

If your dental bridge falls out while you’re at home, you’ll first need to call your dentist’s office right away and alert them to the situation. Once you’ve made them aware of what has happened, they’ll likely provide you with some helpful tips to keep your mouth protected and clean until you’re able to get in to see a professional for help. Some of the most common tips include:

  • Retrieve the dental bridge and place it in a bag or container so you can bring it with you to your dental appointment. If it is still fully intact and undamaged, your dentist may be able to re-bond it.
  • Avoid chewing on that particular side of your mouth.
  • Be mindful of brushing and flossing around this area.

How Your Dentist Can Help

Once you visit your dentist’s office, you can expect them to quickly identify whether the restoration can be fixed or replaced. If the bridge appears to be fully intact, they may be able to bond it back into your smile. However, if the bridge is broken in any way, it will be necessary to have a new one created. Also, if your natural teeth show signs of decay or damage, your dentist will need to address these issues first.

It might seem like a scary incident, but having a dental bridge fall out should not cause panic. Instead, remain calm and know that your dentist will help remedy the situation as soon as possible.

About the Author
Dr. Gary Rosenfeld completed his doctorate at Columbia University Dental School in 1984 before completing a General Practice Residency at Sea View Hospital on Staten Island. Dr. Rosenfeld is FirstFit certified and can provide dental procedures more efficiently and quickly. He and his team at Island Daily Dental Care are pleased to provide beautiful restorations to individuals who have decayed or missing teeth. If you need to replace a lost tooth and want a less invasive solution, visit ourwebsite or call (631) 286-9000.

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