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Comfortable Root Canal Therapy

Do you need a root canal? If so, there’s no reason to fear. Root canals at The Smilist Dental Medford are comfortable and efficient, helping you to enjoy full smile health without any discomfort or jitters. Don’t put off any necessary restorative treatment — a root canal prevents extraction and helps us keep your smile whole!

What Is a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy, also known as endodontic treatment, is a restorative procedure in which the interior of an infected tooth is cleaned out and refilled with a biocompatible material. At the end of the procedure, a permanent crown or filling restores the strength and form of the affected tooth.

To perform a root canal, we administer local anesthesia and sedation as desired to ensure you are completely comfortable. We create a small hole, which allows us to access the interior of your tooth. Using special tools, we remove all infected tissue from the root canals, then measure and reshape them. When the tooth is thoroughly clean, a material known as gutta percha fills the interior of the tooth.

Root canals are often completed over two visits, as the infection needs time to heal. If so, we may apply a local antibiotic to kill infection at the site. A temporary filling may cover the access hole. We will schedule a time for you to return to our office once the infection has healed. During this appointment, we will apply your permanent crown or filling.

Warning Signs You Need a Root Canal

You need a root canal when infection or injury have affected the interior of the tooth — the area beyond the tooth enamel, where the pulp (or the “nerve”) of the tooth live. Infection here usually causes pain, but sometimes the tooth is so far gone that there is no sensation at all. Learn about the warning signs a root canal is necessary to ensure you receive the treatment you require as soon as possible. 

The symptoms a root canal may be needed include…

Schedule an appointment as soon as you suspect you have a problem tooth. Infections in the mouth spread quickly and put your overall health at risk.

After Your Root Canal Therapy

You may experience slight discomfort, swelling, and bleeding at the treatment site following your root canal. Follow our team’s directions carefully, avoiding strenuous activity and maintaining a soft foods diet until you feel comfortable eating normally once again. Take any medications we have prescribed as directed. Notify us if your symptoms do not improve after several days.

Don’t Wait — Act Today!

If you have an aching tooth, don’t put off a trip to the dentist. Infected teeth very rarely heal on their own, so prompt treatment is necessary to prevent extraction. Dr. Rosenfeld performs successful root canals at The Smilist Dental Medford. Schedule an appointment today!