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Dentist Offering Professional Teeth Whitening

No matter how well you care for your smile, you are likely to experience the common signs of getting older: darker, yellow teeth. People who drink coffee, black tea, or who do not maintain proper dental hygiene are even more likely to experience dental discoloration. So what to do about a less-than-dazzling smile? Try professional teeth whitening. Our doctors and our team offer the treatment to reveal your most sparkling teeth!

Why Teeth Darken Over Time

If you start to notice your teeth looking less than their brightest, you may be wondering what causes the tooth enamel to change shades, anyway. It’s a common side effect of age, as constant exposure to dark foods and beverages — even items you wouldn’t expect, like ripe berries and rare steak — gradually take their toll. Then there are genetic factors to consider; some people were just born with brighter teeth than others. But above all, it’s the little habits that cause your teeth to lose their brilliance: that morning coffee, evening red wine, or lazy brushing and flossing on a daily basis. Add them all up, and one day you will realize you need a little smile rejuvenation. Professional teeth whitening provides significant help.

The Magic of Professional Teeth Whitening

While you can find many teeth whitening options at the grocery store, nothing whitens teeth as brilliantly as a professional treatment. The white strips or other bleaching kits you buy over the counter are simply not as powerful as what you get when you partner with your dentist. What’s more, one-size-fits-all methods don’t really fit all smiles, and they may leave your sensitive gum tissue at risk of burns.

A professional teeth whitening treatment is created specifically for your smile, ensuring the high-powered gel only comes into contact with your tooth enamel. Most whitening treatments you complete with your dentist can brighten teeth up to eight shades. Even the most stubborn stains — like those gray tones caused by certain medications — can be brightened with a professional teeth whitening treatment.

Maintaining Your Whitest Results

After your treatment is complete and we have revealed your brightest, whitest smile, we know you will want to keep your teeth dazzling for as long as possible. Do that by avoiding the things that caused them to stain in the first place, like black coffee, dark tea, soda, and tobacco. If you must drink dark beverages, try using a straw to avoid contact with the tooth enamel. Maintain proper dental hygiene, brushing and flossing regularly, and visiting your dentist as recommended every six months for a checkup and cleaning to regularly remove plaque and tartar buildup. Apply your professional touch-up treatment as needed to renew your dazzling smile.

Let’s Get Started On Your Brightest Smile!

Are you tired of your tired smile? The team at The Smilist Dental Medford would love to rejuvenate the shade of your tooth enamel with a professional teeth whitening treatment. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.