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History Nerd? Learn About the Evolution of Dentures

January 29, 2021

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man reading a book learning about the evolution of dentures

Whether you’re a history buff or an avid classics reader, you like getting glimpses into how people lived in the past. You put down the book you’re enjoying and decide to get ready for bed. Then, when you take out your dentures to soak for the night, you wonder how people way back in the day replaced lost teeth. What did they use? How do modern dentures differ from those of the past? Read on to learn the history of the evolution of dentures and how your modern dentures came to be.

The Origins of Dentures

The first dentures were likely used around 700 BCE onward. For centuries, tooth replacements were made of teeth from other humans, animal teeth, or carved ivory or bone, and they were strung together using gold or silver wiring.

Contrary to popular belief, George Washington did not have wood dentures. In fact, porcelain started to be utilized as prosthetic teeth around Washington’s timeframe, although it was more expensive than using teeth from other sources. Later on, porcelain became the go-to material for replacement teeth, and the addition of an acrylic base has allowed denture wearers to have a more natural-looking smile.

Advancements in Modern Dentures

In just the last couple of decades, dentures have made huge leaps forward. For example, instead of relying on adhesives, modern dentures use suction to stay in place. This suction is possible because today dentures are made completely customized for each patient.

While your grandparents likely struggled with slipping, ill-fitting dentures, your dentures nowadays are fabricated specifically for your mouth. Your dentist takes impressions and measurements and uses this information when creating your dentures at the dental lab. As a result, you can expect dentures that fit comfortably.

Implant Dentures: The Ultimate Replacement

As much progress as dentures have made over the years, the premise is still basically the same. Dentures replace the crowns or top portion of your teeth above the gums. However, if you’re looking for the gold standard treatment, you can attach your dentures to implants.

Implants take replacement one step further by addressing the missing root structure. As a result, implant dentures are able to provide much longer and stronger stability. In fact, these dentures can last for more than 30 years! In addition, they offer comfort that you simply won’t experience with removeable dentures, which are prone to slipping after a couple of years.

By taking a look back at how dentures have progressed and changed, you can gain an appreciation of the technology and materials used today. Through implant dentures, you can benefit from centuries of advancements and look and feel as if your teeth never went missing.

About the Practice

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