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Bring a Smile on Valentine’s Day with the Gift of Teeth Whitening!

February 9, 2023

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a man giving his loved one the gift of teeth whitening

Valentine’s Day is approaching and there is no better feeling than seeing your significant other smile on the day of love. However, maybe they don’t freely flash that grin because they are insecure about the color of their pearly whites. Did you know 80% of Americans surveyed want whiter teeth? That’s why a perfect (and unique!) present would be a cosmetic dental treatment like professional teeth whitening. Not only would you get to benefit by seeing your Valentine beaming more, but it would help them in more ways than one. Read on to learn four reasons why giving the gift of a brighter smile is a perfect idea for Valentine’s Day!

Reason #1: It Makes You Memorable

The feeling of watching someone receive a gift that they truly love is priceless. It not only is well-spent money for you, but it makes your loved one feel appreciated. And what more important day than Valentine’s Day to make them feel your gratefulness for them? When you give professional teeth whitening as a present, every time your sweetheart looks in the mirror and sees their luminous smile, they will remember your thoughtfulness! It truly is the gift that keeps giving.

Reason #2: It Never Goes out of Style

With the rise of fast fashion and instant gratification, trends tend to come and go. Whether it be the latest fashion, jewelry, or gadgets, there is always something new on the market to catch our attention. There may be a very popular “now” item that you may be considering buying for your Valentine, but before you know it, the “hot” can turn into a “not”.  But a radiant smile NEVER goes out of style! It goes with any outfit and always catches attention. Bright pearly whites are a priceless accessory for any day of the week.

Reason #3: It Can Add Value to a Professional Life

There are many factors that bring success to people. While talents and abilities are incredibly important, being confident and connecting with others can also help improve careers. People are more likely to reach out to others when they are comfortable with their appearance. When your teeth are white and fresh, you naturally feel more confident interacting with the people you come in contact with. Showing those pearly whites always creates a more welcoming disposition, both professionally and personally. That is truly setting your loved one up for success all year long!

Reason #4: It Improves Overall Health

Did you know just the simple ACT of smiling boosts the immune system? When you smile, your body releases dopamine (the “feel good” hormone that improves your mood), which increases your white blood cells. White blood cells help fight inflammation and create a stronger immune system that protects from illnesses and infections.  When your physical health is in great shape, you are more likely to lead a more active life, which in turn benefits your health again! What greater gift can be given to the special one in your life than thriving health?

Giving your Valentine a gift that they will enjoy and use is a wonderful way to show how much you appreciate them. Teeth whitening is a present sure to bring a smile for many more days than just February 14!

About the Practice

The Smilist Dental Medford is eager to keep you and your loved ones’ smiles healthy and bright through their team of dental experts. They offer a full range of services, including cosmetic dental treatments like professional teeth whitening. With a focus on personalized care, they are open seven days a week, offer affordable financing, and are conveniently located. To schedule an appointment, contact them through their website or call (631) 286-9000.

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